We Are About Transformation

The Arts Consortium (AC) is a unique collaboration of Los Angeles’ leading arts and education institutions including CalArts, The Huntington Library, ArTES (the Art-Theater -Entertainment School) and the five Esteban E. Torres schools.  

Capitalizing on the power of the arts as an accelerator for change, The Consortium’s tailored programs for partner schools are designed to transform schools, students and the communities we serve through innovation and creative problem solving. Teaching students real-life skills through linked learning and inspiring them through the arts, AC programs encourage students to complete their secondary education and pursue advanced degrees—in the arts or other professional fields. Students touched by our programs are prepared to be agents of transformation in their communities for a lifetime. 

Serving schools in communities of concentrated poverty, Consortium partners and educators collaborate with students to increase access to arts in schools and neighborhoods. 

The Consortium’s mission is to improve the quality of learning and life for students by:

  • Building student capacity to use the arts as a catalyst for positive change in their schools and neighborhoods
  • Deepening the impact of arts institutions in high-poverty schools and communities
  • Engaging educators in creating authentic learning for students
  • Building community capacity to become agents of change
  • Engaging artists as strategic partners in school and neighborhood transformation